Summer Safety List!

Hello families,

Summer is here! We want you to have fun with your family and we want you and your family to be safe. This is why at dondeEsta™ we created the Summer Safety List! A quick and just to remember list of things to check before your summer holidays!

dondeEsta Summer Safety List Top10

Be safe and have so much fun with the family!


Your Kid Doesn’t Have A Smartphone Yet?

Hello families,

It has been a while since last time we wrote the last post, but we come back with good news!

At dondeEsta™ we have fresh news to share with all families with kids that don’t have a smartphone yet!

We listen to you, to all families that use dondeEsta™ Family daily. Some of you have kids with smartphone and kids too young for a cellphone. How could you be connected using the same app?

At dondeEsta™ we have connected a device to the app, so you can locate your kids that don’t have a smartphone yet. We named it: dondeEsta Elementary School. The device easily integrates to your dondeEsta™ Family app. It is small, lightweight and fits in your kids’ pocket and backpack! It has a panic button for your kid, so you’ll get an automatic-real time notification to your phone when he press it!

dondeEsta Elementary School pre order dondeEsta device

We have been working on it and now you can already pre-order for a reduced price: only $69

You’ll be able to connect dondeEsta Elementary School device to the app at the begging of September for Back To School! We want to bring you peace of mind when your family is not around. Let’s have an amazing safety Back To School!

dondeEsta Elementary School Pre-order wearable

Before school starts, you have all summer holidays. Enjoy them with your loved ones!

Be safe!


What I learned from you, makes me smile!

Hello families,

Father’s day is around the corner! At dondeEsta™ we love to share family love. We got some inspiration and decided to write a poem for dad! Ready? You still have time to write yours for your dad!

father's day

Someone decided that today is your day.
How is it decided?
If I look back I remember what we have done together
If I look forward I can see what we will do
I grow up by your side and learnt how to walk, then bike
and probably I also learnt how to run, even though
you didn’t really help me on that.

Someone told me once that family there is only one.
How can I thank you what you do for us?
Let me show you what you told me and this way
maybe I can get a – no worries back.
If it is red, do not cross. If it is good, take it. If it is going to hurt, say no.
If there is nothing to lose, say yes! If you are not sure, give it a try.
In any case, say thanks.
But there is one thing you show me, you didn’t tell me about.
What today is no, tomorrow can become a yes.
If it doesn’t work, you can fix it.
What seems difficult today; can be easier in a few days, weeks and years.
What looks hard, it’s just a look; work hard and it’ll change how it looks.
Things change because we make them change. And this is good!
You were and you are.
You did and you do.

I want to change it.
How can someone decide that you deserve a day?
If there are 365 days a year, you deserve more than just one.
Because you have been by my side, every day of my life.
We agree and fight and we’ll probably keep it this way.
But the reason why we fight, will be a new one.
Because yesterday’s difference, today looks the same for you and I.

Happy Father’s day to all families!
Be safe,

Check out our Dad’s love board in Pinterest!
You want to send love to your dad?
Send him kisses through dondeEsta™ Family app!

dondeEsta™ Met An Angel Called Elena!

Hello families,

Since we started dondeEsta™, we have been finding angels in our way. Amazing people that helps us because they believe in what we do. Incredible genius that leave part of them in the project you work in. There are a lot of types of angels, but today I’d like to tell you about Elena.

Elena - dondeEsta's angel

We met her a few months ago. She works in the same office as dondeEsta™ in Boston. She has been by our side in those moments when you need an angel.

For an awesome brainstorming session, for your hospitality and kindness and your warm spirit we’d like to thank you, Elena, everything you have done and you do for helping dondeEsta™. This post is dedicated to you.

If you find a person who has no reason for give you the best of himself/herself, then you found an angel!

Thanks Elena for everything you do and the way you do it.

Be safe!


What Do You Call HOME?

Hello families,

Sweet home Alabama ♫ , while I write this post I am listening the song. Good music! Do you know where is dondeEsta‘s home? We call home where family is. But also, we call home where we feel like home! A clue? It’s not Alabama ;)

We’re lucky for being able to call home two places: Boston and Barcelona. Two amazing cities with the ocean in between and 3642.27 miles apart one from the other (5861.51 KM).

This is our coworking space in Barcelona. We share this amazing bright room with designers, developers and creative people! Do you know what?
It was an old theater! Yes, this is our magic coworking space: neventum!

neventum cooworking Barcelona

The CIC opened its arms to us a year ago when we landed in Boston! We are really happy to be part of its community where we made good friends and met amazing, incredible & talented people. Proud to be one of the 500 startups growing in between and beyond its walls!

CIC Coworking Boston

So, dónde está home? Home is were the heart is, were our story begins!

Curiosity: Boston and Barcelona are Sister Cities since 1980

Be safe and move around!


It’s International Day of Families! May 15th is Here :)

Hello families,

Today is a very special day! May 15th is International Day of Families! All dondeEsta™ ‘s team wishes you a happy day!

There is no better way to celebrate it that with the family. However it is Thrusday, a working day. So, we decided to celebrate it with our family at work and with the family after work. How did we celebrate it?

Balloons cobering Computer

Well, like a family does.. We fill up the work space with balloons so when people showed up they smiled! We also baked something sweet. We found the perfect eggs for a family cake!

Eggs dondeEsta Family

We had a piece of cake and enjoyed a coffee together like a family does!

international day of families dondeesta family

And with a full stomach, we kept working as everyday, happy!
Working for you and your family so you can enjoy the next version of dondeEsta™ Family with more features!

dondeEsta office with balloons

Do you have Pinterest? You might like our Share your love! board. You’ll find the perfect message for every person in your family: your sister, your brother, your mom, your dad, your grandpa, your grandma, your brother-in-law, sister-in-law,  your uncle, your auntyour daughter, your sonyour cousin, your partner and your pet!

Have a great International Day of Families!

Be safe,


Mom, My Gift For You Is Peace Of Mind!

Hello families! Hello moms!

Smile, your kids have been planning something for you! Today is probably one of the days when more flowers are going to be deliver. What we want to deliver to you, is peace of mind!

We asked some moms what they would like to receive for Mother’s day. Diana (@TeacherMomOfTwo) said her secret wish is “I’d love to experience what breakfast in bed would be like. You know, sleeping in, followed by eggs, bacon, toast and orange juice. Then a mid-morning movie while cuddling with the kids. Or a gift of premium chocolate will always suffice.” Viviana (@soy_mama) said “I would love to get some products for  home spa!”

You didn’t have time for planning this for your mom? Don’t worry, What moms appreciate the most is time with their kids! Tell her how much you love her and ask her “What do you want to do today?”


Did you know that moms worry? They worry about their kids since they are born. You want to give her more peace of mind? We can help you. This is what we do for living, giving peace of mind to moms! dondeEsta™ Family an app for Mother’s day!

Happy Mother’s day to all moms!


Now dondeEsta™ Family lets you send LOVE too!

Hello families,

We always use three words to describe dondeEsta™: family, safety and technology. We think, talk and dream with these three words. Everything we do, we do it with this in mind.

What is this post about? Well, this is more about FAMILY! We want to tell you about the new LOVE functionality we added to dondeEsta™ Family.

Because your family is the most important thing for you, we help you to know where they are. Now, we want to give you more. We want to make it easy for you to send them love too!

Update the last version of dondeEsta™ Family (for Android & iPhone) and start sending kisses to your family! They will receive a notification with your kiss. Then move and send another kiss. The notification will be always different because sometimes the kiss needs to travel more miles. Confused? You just need to try it out!

dondeEsta Family lets you send LoveLet us know what you think about this new functionality.
Does your family like it? Let us know your opinion!

Be safe!

dondeEsta™ Family is the APP number 39 in Google Play

Hello families,

Do you know how many apps there are on Google Play? Well, according to AppBrain there are more than 1,000,000 apps out there. This is overwhelming!

To get a piece of this pie you need to have a good app, an interesting number of downloads and a high number of users that download your APP, stay with you and leave a good review (+other things). We are happy to be one of these APPS. dondeEsta™ Family has been on the top of some markets in Google Play.

Top GooglePlay Spain

The most recent situation was in Google Play Spain. After being in a TV show, dondeEsta™ Family claimed up to the 39th position in its category.  This is good because it was an organic growth, this means that we didn’t pay to get these downloads. Families saw the APP on TV and decided to download it and join us.

We have some previous good stories about how dondeEsta™ Family has been claiming in Google Play. When we decided to translate the APP to Portuguese for Portugal and Brazil, we suddenly started having families joining us from those countries. dondeEsta™ Family in Portugal achieved the TOP 10, in the 8th position. Brazil is a huge country and as soon as we had the APP translated, dondeEsta™ Family claimed to the 169th position on Google Play.

Well, this post has been a little bit technical. But the human part of it is that these positions in Google Play are achieved thanks to all of you who download dondeEsta™ Family, stay with us, rate us and most important, recommend us to other families. Thank you!

Be safe,




dondeEsta™ met amazing bloggers at #UBP14

Hello families,

The #UBP14 ends tomorrow and we are happy we met amazing moms.
For all of you who attended, remember to send us an email at and you’ll get the app dondeEsta™ Family Premium for free for all your family! #familysafety

This blog post wants to point some comments, people and sweet things we found out when partying! First of all, we’d like to say thanks to 5MinutesforMom (@5minutesformom) for the organization! Janice (@janicecroze) and Susan (@susancarrarretto).
You both have such sweet kids!

There were a lot of tweets, we found the one from @Ali_Dent lovely.

Ali Dent Tweet UBP14

We ♥ what @AudreyMcClellan said in the Google Hangout on Monday “When we grow, we grow together!”. All panelists said such good things. Here is another one from @MelACulbertson “If something is going to take me 2min, I just do it. Instead of writing it down in a list!”.

We were excited to meet a mom from Boston @bostonmamas As we are based in Cambridge, MA, this is always nice! We should go for a coffee sometime.

Bostonmamas UBP14

Amy was also one of the panelists for the Google Hangout on Monday. If you are hungry, don’t look at her Pinterest profile. Too delicious!


Still hungry? Then don’t look at this blog either. Angela’s blog, UntrainedHousewhife shows good food pics (+ other things too).


Amy from TeachMama has a really cool and complete Pinterest, you’ll find everything about everything. Other cool discoveries? Well, OneMommy has a link to different parties! Diana is a Toronto Teacher Mom, Comment êtes-vous? Karen and Damon are mom and kid and they write in the same blog, mindlikechild. Sweet! Are you sad that the UBP14 is almost over? Don’t worry, Krystal has some party ideas in her Pinterest!

And we could keep going and going on long list of amazing bloggers we found at #UBP14. Thanks one more time to 5minutesformom! And remember to email as at if you want the app dondeEsta™ Family Premium for free!

Be Safe!



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