dondeEsta™ Family is the APP number 39 in Google Play

Hello families,

Do you know how many apps there are on Google Play? Well, according to AppBrain there are more than 1,000,000 apps out there. This is overwhelming!

To get a piece of this pie you need to have a good app, an interesting number of downloads and a high number of users that download your APP, stay with you and leave a good review (+other things). We are happy to be one of these APPS. dondeEsta™ Family has been on the top of some markets in Google Play.

Top GooglePlay Spain

The most recent situation was in Google Play Spain. After being in a TV show, dondeEsta™ Family claimed up to the 39th position in its category.  This is good because it was an organic growth, this means that we didn’t pay to get these downloads. Families saw the APP on TV and decided to download it and join us.

We have some previous good stories about how dondeEsta™ Family has been claiming in Google Play. When we decided to translate the APP to Portuguese for Portugal and Brazil, we suddenly started having families joining us from those countries. dondeEsta™ Family in Portugal achieved the TOP 10, in the 8th position. Brazil is a huge country and as soon as we had the APP translated, dondeEsta™ Family claimed to the 169th position on Google Play.

Well, this post has been a little bit technical. But the human part of it is that these positions in Google Play are achieved thanks to all of you who download dondeEsta™ Family, stay with us, rate us and most important, recommend us to other families. Thank you!

Be safe,




dondeEsta™ met amazing bloggers at #UBP14

Hello families,

The #UBP14 ends tomorrow and we are happy we met amazing moms.
For all of you who attended, remember to send us an email at and you’ll get the app dondeEsta™ Family Premium for free for all your family! #familysafety

This blog post wants to point some comments, people and sweet things we found out when partying! First of all, we’d like to say thanks to 5MinutesforMom (@5minutesformom) for the organization! Janice (@janicecroze) and Susan (@susancarrarretto).
You both have such sweet kids!

There were a lot of tweets, we found the one from @Ali_Dent lovely.

Ali Dent Tweet UBP14

We ♥ what @AudreyMcClellan said in the Google Hangout on Monday “When we grow, we grow together!”. All panelists said such good things. Here is another one from @MelACulbertson “If something is going to take me 2min, I just do it. Instead of writing it down in a list!”.

We were excited to meet a mom from Boston @bostonmamas As we are based in Cambridge, MA, this is always nice! We should go for a coffee sometime.

Bostonmamas UBP14

Amy was also one of the panelists for the Google Hangout on Monday. If you are hungry, don’t look at her Pinterest profile. Too delicious!


Still hungry? Then don’t look at this blog either. Angela’s blog, UntrainedHousewhife shows good food pics (+ other things too).


Amy from TeachMama has a really cool and complete Pinterest, you’ll find everything about everything. Other cool discoveries? Well, OneMommy has a link to different parties! Diana is a Toronto Teacher Mom, Comment êtes-vous? Karen and Damon are mom and kid and they write in the same blog, mindlikechild. Sweet! Are you sad that the UBP14 is almost over? Don’t worry, Krystal has some party ideas in her Pinterest!

And we could keep going and going on long list of amazing bloggers we found at #UBP14. Thanks one more time to 5minutesformom! And remember to email as at if you want the app dondeEsta™ Family Premium for free!

Be Safe!


dondeEsta Has A New Marketing Intern! Welcome To The Family!

Hello dondeEsta™ community!

My name is Matt, and I’m the newest addition to the dondeEsta™ team as the new PR and Marketing intern.

I’m from Boston, MA, and I’m an honors student at SuffolkUniversity studying Advertising, Computer Science & Interactive Media. I started school 2 years ago and after various programming courses and some work experience, I decided to join the dondeEsta™ team.

Matt dondeEsta Family

As the younger of two children, it was very difficult for my parents (particularly my mother) to grow out of seeing me as a child and into seeing me as an adult. They would constantly send text messages to check-in, even if I was with a friend just down the street. On occasion, they would even call a friend that I was with if I didn’t respond promptly enough, just to make sure plans didn’t change and to make sure we were okay. And it drove me crazy.

But my parents just wanted to be connected to me at all times so that they knew I was safe. Now where have I heard that before? dondeEsta’s mission to provide peace of mind to families through location-based services is one that I consider to be of great importance and one that I can certainly relate to.

Nowadays, where technology is no longer a luxury, but an asset that is integrated into our society, it is something that must be used effectively and capitalized upon to tackle real-world problems. And that is where dondeEsta’s idea shines – a safer world makes for a brighter future.

dondeEsta Family

As the newest member of dondeEsta™, I am going to use the skills I’ve acquired through my classes and past experiences to help bring this “peace of mind” to as many families as I can through the dondeEsta™ Family app.

I will be working with the team to promote what we do, improve upon what we already have, and use social media and other online platforms as vehicles to get word out about the app. I’m thrilled to be working with such a dedicated and hard-working team, and I can’t wait to get started.




1 Year Old! Sweet Numbers About dondeEsta™ Family

Hello families,

We are here for you and your family!
We are here because of you and your family.
Even though is not thanksgiving, we are feeling grateful and this is why we want to thank you and share with you some sweet numbers.
You are the reason why dondeEsta™ is what it is today.

dondeEsta numbers

February 2013, dondeEsta™ launched the Android version of dondeEsta™ Family. One year after this, and with the iPhone app running too, we keep working for family safety. We believe that technology can make a safer world for every family. But we are not the only ones: More than 100,000 families in more than 145 countries believe this too!

Safe Kids

Safe Kids image credit (

What did dondeEsta™  do during a year? Supported Safe Kids in NYCity (@safekidsusa); joined moms’ community like the First Mom’s Bloggers Meeting organized by Madresfera (@madresfera); collaborated with The Parents League of New York; conducted its first study about family safety, you can check the results and the infographic in our webpage.

See Infographic

See the study’s results by clicking on the image!

What else? We joined Emerson College (@EmersonCollege) students and asked for their help on Social Media; we opened our second office, now we have two offices (one in the Cambridge, MA, USA and one in Barcelona, Europe). If we did all this is because of you. Thank you! We want to tell every family on hearth about dondeEsta™ Family, do you want to join us and help us recommending the app? We could not be more grateful!

What about sharing what dondeEsta™ Family is all about with a video? See Video In English! See Video in Spanish!

dondeEsta Family video

You want to keep track of everything about #safety, #family, #technology and dondeEsta™ Family?

Join us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Youtube!

Let’s keep working towards safety.

Be safe!


dondeEsta™ Will Give Away 200 Premium Accounts In The Ultimate Blog Party 2014

Hi families,

We are happy to tell you that dondeEsta™ is going to be in the Ultimate Blog Party 2014. Wondering what is it? Well, the event is hosted by  5 Minutes for Mom (@5minutesformom). Susan and Janice are the moms behind this cool initiative! As they say, it is an annual blogging event where several hundred bloggers join together in a huge week-long, blog-hopping, commenting and tweeting extravaganza to meet others have fun and win prizes!

Ultimate Blog Party 2014

We are always looking for nice initiatives to participate with and ways to join the community online and offline. We are looking forward to meeting blogger moms in the UBP14. We like to hear what moms have to say and we’re ready to discover and read a lot of blogs! As a startup is very important for us to know what families do to be happy and safe.

UBP14 200Premium dondeEsta 5min4Mom

Do you know the app dondeEsta™ Family? If you do have the family app installed, then join UBP14 and you can get one of the 200 Premium accounts that dondeEsta™ is giving away. You don’t know what dondeEsta™ is? Well, install it and take a look, it’s free to download!

And if you have a blog, don’t think it twice! Sign up for the UBP14. It is a good opportunity to meet moms and talk to them about what they worry about, what makes them laugh and what makes them happy!

We’ll keep you posted. See you at #UBP14 (April 4th-11th)

Be safe!

Emerson College Students Collaborate With dondeEsta™ Designing A Social Media Action

Hello families,

At dondeEsta™ we are always looking forward for new ideas. We are not ashamed to ask for help. And we like to involve our community in the project! This is why we asked Emerson College Students to help us in a Social Media Action!


We talk to Doug Quintal (@bugsyph1) and to his Social Media class students, and now dondeEsta Social Media Action is on their hands. Happy to be part of your class and excited that you all joined and liked dondeEsta’s project.

Emerson College Students and dondeEsta Family

We met last February and it was a nice evening talking about dondeEsta™, making questions and giving answers. The presentation became kind of brainstorming session. Good ideas came out from this. Thanks to all of you participating in the project!

Emerson College Students and dondeEsta Family

We believe in what we do and we strive to make a big impact in the life of families. We hope that with you guys, we’ll be able to increase dondeEsta’s families in the US. Because your family is the most important thing to you, we help you to know where they are!

We’ll keep you posted and we’ll let you know what Emerson College Students come up with!


dondeEsta™ Was Selected To Pitch At BOB & TechCrunch Event For The MWC In Barcelona

Hello families,

Last week, dondeEsta™ Family was selected to join 5 other startups to take the stage to pitch to a panel of expert judges. TechCrunch held in cooperation with Bubble Over Barcelona a global mobile meet up designed to mix innovators and influencers for the Mobile World Congress 2014.

TechCrunch Writers & Editors

image credit:

Pol Gerbeau, the founder of dondeEsta™, started his pitch “Imagine the school entrance at 9am. The school bus just arrived. Kids get off the bus and go directly to the school. Julia is one of these kids. Her mom wishes she could take her to school, but Julia goes by herself. What if you could be notifyed when your kid arrives to school?

Pol Gerbeu & Marta Plaza from dondeEsta Family

image credit:

And Marta Plaza, Marketing Manager for dondeEsta™, followed him “What if we tell you that there is an app that brings you peace of mind by letting you know where your kid is at any time? Yes, this is dondeEsta™ Family.”

It was an amazing event! Happy that we met John Biggs (@johnbiggs) and Mike Butcher (@mikebutcher) from TechCrunch, Matthäus Krzykowski (@matthausk), entrepreneurs, startups and incredible ideas from all over the world. We want to say CONGRATULATIONS to the winners and wish to the three of them a good time in the TechCrunch Disrupt event in New York.

dondeEsta FamilyWe believe in what we do and we strive to make a big impact in the life of families. Because your family is the most important thing to you,we help you to know where they are!

Love to hear from you and your family.

Have a nice day,


Infographic. 88% of families that have a mobile app for locating their kids, say that having it, makes them feel safer


Hello family, Generation after generation, there is something common to all parents: concern about their kids. The following results, of the study conducted by dondeEsta, finds which family role takes more responsibility for keeping track of kids; considering technology as a tool for bringing peace of mind. These are some of the results findings:

61% of parents that look up their kids’ location, on a mobile app, are moms.

25% of localizations through a mobile app are done after school and before dinner time; between 4pm and 7pm.

51% of kids who request help within a mobile app, are girls.

88% of families that have a mobile app for locating their kids, say that having it, makes them feel safer.

Find more information about the study findings, here! Who worries more in your family?

Be safe! Marta

5 cosas que enseñar a nuestros hijos sobre “Seguridad Online”

Hola familias,

¿Cómo estás? Nos gustaría compartir con algunos datos sobre la seguridad de los niños cuando se trata de Internet. Sus hijos probablemente pasan más tiempo frente a la computadora o en su celular que delante de la televisión o cualquier otro aparato. La posibilidad de que sean “atacados” en Internet es alta si no conocen las consecuencias de hacer clic en un enlace o compartir algunas fotos o información sobre sí mismos. ¿Cómo lo explicaría? Bueno, ¿cómo les explica sobre la seguridad cuando van solos por la calle?

Girls at Laptop

¿Qué decirle a nuestros hijos?

1 -. Información personal. Pregúnteles: Si una persona al azar le preguntara “Cómo se llamas?”, ¿le diría su nombre, número de teléfono, dirección, edad? Bueno, ¿por qué va a hacer eso en Internet? Recuérdeles que deben mantener la información personal lejos de los desconocidos en la red.

2 -. Compartir imágenes. Pregúnteles: Si un día alguien se le acerca y le dice: “¿puedo tomar una foto tuya?” Si no conoces a la persona le dirá “no”. ¿Qué ocurre con Internet? Si alguien le pide que suba su foto, ¿por qué va a hacer eso?

3 -. Compras. Dígale: ¿Cree todos los anuncios de televisión? ¿Y los carteles de publicidad colgados por el barrio? ¿Por qué cree que los anuncios en Internet y los banners son diferentes? La publicidad en Internet es lo mismo. Ten cuidado donde hace clic. Es muy fácil comprar a través del celular sin la tarjeta de crédito, por ejemplo.

4 -. Descargas. “Decía GRATIS” – le dirá su hijo/a. Bueno, un caramelo de un extraño también es gratuita, ¿lo toma? Tenga cuidado con las descargas GRATIS, no todas deben tomarse!

5 -. Redes Sociales. Las redes sociales son para compartir las cosas, como lo hace con sus amigos. Antes de publicar algo en Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc, pregúntele: ¿Compartiría esto con sus amigos íntimos o con más de 600 amigos que tiene en Facebook? Una gran cantidad de personas tienen acceso a todo lo que suba. Piense en esto antes de hacerlo.

Nos gustaría mucho que añadiera sus consejos a continuación. ¿Cómo les explica a sus hijos la seguridad y las precauciones que deben tener cuando se conectan a la red?

Le animamos a que comparta sus consejos para ayudara a otros papás y mamás.

Un saludo,

Crear Árbol Genealógico Familiar

Hola familias,

Lo habéis intentado alguna vez? Es una actividad divertida para hacer con la familia: crear vuestro propio árbol genealógico y ver lo lejos que podéis llegar.

Arbol familiar - actividad con la familia

Un árbol genealógico es una representación gráfica que enlista los antepasados y los descendientes de un individuo en una forma organizada y sistemática, sea en forma de árbol o tabla. Puede ser ascendente, exponiendo los antepasados o ancestros de una persona, o descendente, exponiendo todos los descendientes (ver más en Wikipedia).

Si lo habéis hecho antes, compartir vuestra opinión sobre esta actividad a continuación. ¿Sabes que algunas familias se unen para dar una fiesta con el objetivo de crear su árbol genealógico? ¿Qué piensas al respecto? ¿Preparados y preparadas para un poco de diversión? Podéis ser tan creativos como queráis con las fotos (utilizar fotos de Halloween, por ejemplo) y nombres (usar apodos, por ejemplo). 

Un saludo familias,


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