dondeEsta™ met amazing bloggers at #UBP14

Hello families,

The #UBP14 ends tomorrow and we are happy we met amazing moms.
For all of you who attended, remember to send us an email at and you’ll get the app dondeEsta™ Family Premium for free for all your family! #familysafety

This blog post wants to point some comments, people and sweet things we found out when partying! First of all, we’d like to say thanks to 5MinutesforMom (@5minutesformom) for the organization! Janice (@janicecroze) and Susan (@susancarrarretto).
You both have such sweet kids!

There were a lot of tweets, we found the one from @Ali_Dent lovely.

Ali Dent Tweet UBP14

We ♥ what @AudreyMcClellan said in the Google Hangout on Monday “When we grow, we grow together!”. All panelists said such good things. Here is another one from @MelACulbertson “If something is going to take me 2min, I just do it. Instead of writing it down in a list!”.

We were excited to meet a mom from Boston @bostonmamas As we are based in Cambridge, MA, this is always nice! We should go for a coffee sometime.

Bostonmamas UBP14

Amy was also one of the panelists for the Google Hangout on Monday. If you are hungry, don’t look at her Pinterest profile. Too delicious!


Still hungry? Then don’t look at this blog either. Angela’s blog, UntrainedHousewhife shows good food pics (+ other things too).


Amy from TeachMama has a really cool and complete Pinterest, you’ll find everything about everything. Other cool discoveries? Well, OneMommy has a link to different parties! Diana is a Toronto Teacher Mom, Comment êtes-vous? Karen and Damon are mom and kid and they write in the same blog, mindlikechild. Sweet! Are you sad that the UBP14 is almost over? Don’t worry, Krystal has some party ideas in her Pinterest!

And we could keep going and going on long list of amazing bloggers we found at #UBP14. Thanks one more time to 5minutesformom! And remember to email as at if you want the app dondeEsta™ Family Premium for free!

Be Safe!


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One response to “dondeEsta™ met amazing bloggers at #UBP14”

  1. Theres Just One Mommy says :

    Thanks so much for the mention!
    I have enjoyed meeting so many awesome bloggers through the party this year!

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