XMAS! Make A Wish And Go For It This New Year 2015!

Hello families,

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Enjoy this cozy season with your loved ones. Are you planning on eating a lot and get full of pie? Ready to give a lot of presents and a lot of love? Ready to receive smiles from everyone? Ready to laugh and tickle the little ones?
Sure, you are!

We’d love to share with you how happy you make us. You are an important part of the reason why dondeEsta is dondeEsta! Thank you for being here. Thank you for recommending the app to other families. Thank you for your suggestions. Thank you from us to you!

What are we going to do this new year 2015?

A lot of things! But we are not going to tell you everything now. We love surprises and hope you do to. We’ll keep you posted with the good news, a lot of them coming soon! In the meantime, make a wish and get ready to go for it this new year 2015!


Enjoy holidays!
Be safe,

dondeEsta Car ready! Connect Your Car to dondeEsta Family App!

Hello families!

We have exciting news to share with you. Today is a big day, because you will be able to add your car to the dondeEsta Family app. Yes! Some of you wanted to locate your car from the same family locator app. Now you can have your world connected using just ONE app.

dondeEsta Family app with dondeEsta Car

What can you see when connecting your car to dondeEsta Family?
You will be able to see where your car is in real time. As the rest of the app, we wanted to keep it simple. So, if the car is in your garage, you’ll see the car in the app. If your kid or someone else took the car, the car will go away in the app and you will be able to see where it is by tapping on your car’s garage image.

dondeEsta Car in the garagedondeEsta Car garage empty

What else?
You can set up notifications and we will tell you when your car leaves and enters the garage. You will also be able to see when your car runs out of gas, when the battery is about to die and when the engine light turns on. So, from now on whatever happens to your car, you’ll see it in the palm of your hand.

How to buy it? How to set it up?
Easy! Just go to the app dondeEsta Family and click on add car. Then we’ll ask you to validate your email and we’ll guide you to buy the dondeEsta Car device directly from the app. In three days you will receive the package with the device and as soon as you plug the device in your car, it will automatically synchronize with your dondeEsta Family app. It is that easy: plug and go!

dondeEsta Car costs $93 for the device + $7/monthly fee for the data.

Do you want to know more? Just donwload the app dondeEsta Family for free, add your family and connect your car. It is simple and easy :)

Be safe!


First App In Google Play With This New Feature!

Hello families!

We are excited about the new features for the Android version of dondeEsta Family. We do not want to tell you about it until next week when we release it.  But we can’t hold it inside, so we decided to tease you a little bit :)

What can we tell you?

1) dondeEsta Family will be the first app in Google Play that includes this feature. There is no other app out there with this!

2) It is something that we asked you if you would be interested. The answer to the survey was amazing: 90% of you said that would like to have this feature.

3) The idea behind it is to keep offering peace of mind to you and your family by connecting you to your world. We are entering the Internet of Things ecosystem.

New Features dondeEsta Family app


Next week is around the corner. Can you guess what is going to be the new feature?

Excited to see if you like it!

Be safe,


Five Halloween Safety Tips

Hello families!

Halloween is coming! Ready for a crazy party? Dressing up, make up, pumpkin carving, trick-or-treating, candies… sounds good! At dondeEsta we wish you a fun and happy Halloween day and we want you and your family to be safe!


Just five quick safety tips:

1- Costumes’ size. Oversized costumes can cause trips and falls. Make sure it is the right size to prevent it.

2- Paint vs. Mask. Choose face paint and makeup whenever possible instead of masks, those can obstruct a child’s vision.

3- Costume type. Choose a brightly colored costume that drivers can spot easily. Decorate the costume with reflective tape and stickers. Glow sticks and flashlights are also good.

4- Trick-or-treat. Children under the age of 13 should go with an adult. If kids are mature enough to be out without supervision, they should stick to familiar areas that are well lit, remain on the porch within street view and trick-or-treat in groups.

 5- Walk carefully. Be mindful about cars, making eye contact with drivers. Always walk on sidewalks and cross at crosswalks. Put electronic devices down and keep heads up and walk, don’t run.

Happy Halloween!

Have fun & be safe.


Sister & Brother! Siblings’ Love!

Hello families,

Since last week you have available a new version of the app dondeEsta Family. We are happy about it and hope you are too, because this new version includes suggestions that come directly from users, from families. You asked for it, and we did it!

What is new?

A completely new experience for kids and siblings. Now kids can see each other in the app and can send quick messages as “Pick me up” or “I’m OK!” Do you need your big brother to give you a ride back home? Now it’s really easy. You can let him now and he can easily navigate to you using the app dondeEsta Family.


You can also call all your family members easily. No need to look for their phone in the agenda! And you know what? All these new features are free. You can download the new version at www.dondeesta.com

Remember that if you have any suggestion or idea for improving the app, you can always write us at info@dondeesta.com and let us know. We take your opinion seriously and who knows, maybe the next version includes something that you suggested. This new version includes opinions that some families sent us!

Thank you for being part of dondeEsta Family!

Be safe!


What Would Have Happened If Wally Would Have Had dondeEsta Family?

Hello families,

Do you know Wally right? (Waldo if you are from the US or Canada).
Today, we were thinking, what would have happened if Wally would have had the app dondeEsta Family.

Imagine an afternoon “reading” Wally. You have been all day working and now you want to go have fun with him, maybe going to the beach, to the city, to the future..

So, you start looking for Wally. After 15 minutes, you start thinking that you need to put more attention on it, more willingness into it. You do. 1 hour later, you can’t find him. Your brain starts shaking and your heartbeat speeds up. ¿Dónde está Wally?

What if there was a way to find him? Well this was my thought today, I just wanted to share it with you! What I know for sure is that, if Wally would have had dondeEsta Family, his stripes would been orange instead of red.

Have fun and be safe!



Ready For Back To School?

Hello families!

Summer is almost over or already over. It’s time for BACK TO SCHOOL! This is exciting for kids and for parents: fresh energy after holidays, new friends, new teachers and new things to learn. “NEW” goes well with BACK TO SCHOOL. This is way at dondeEsta™, we launch a NEW way to know where your little ones are: dondeEsta™ Elementary School.

Elementary Students - dondeEsta Elementary School - dondeEsta Family app

After listening some of your opinions, we realized that some families where asking for the same:

How do I locate my 13 years old daughter that has a smartphone and my 7 years old son that doesn’t have a phone yet, using just the same technology?

This is what we did!

We looked for the smallest device with the best GPS technology and integrated it within the same dondeEsta™ Family app. This way your 13 years old daughter can have the app dondeEsta™ Family in her phone and your 7 years old kid can fit in his pocket the dondeEsta™ Elementary School device and you will know where they with dondeEsta™ Family app.

dondeEsta Elementary School

We believe in Smart Safety.

This is why we wanted to integrate a device with the following features: small, simple to use (it has a panic button), with a good price, an excellent GPS technology and being at the same time: discrete.

We didn’t want your kid to go around with a flashy wearable or device. Your kid can put the dondeEsta™ Elementary School in his school bag or fit it in his pocket and be safe without showing a not necessary flashy and expensive technology.

Have an amazing Back To School time!

Be Safe!

Meet The Team

Hello families,

At dondeEsta™ we work for you and your family safety. We all have families and we all belong to the same family when we are at the office.
We are a passionate team pursuing the same dream:

Families from more than 145 countries trust in dondeEsta™, this is why we want you to know a little bit more about who works for the project and what they like about it. Let me introduce you to three amazing people:
Pol Gerbeau, Javi Alonso and David Soler.

dondeEsta team

 The most amazing thing about working at dondeEsta™ is the great and dedicated people that work for the project, The TEAM! – Pol Gerbeau, Founder & CEO.

I love the startup enviroment! You feel like home, I got a cake when I started working for the dondeEsta™. – David Soler, iOS developer

What else can I ask for? I do what I like with incredible people around me! – Javi Alonso, CTO

dondeEsta team

When asking them what they like about the project, the answer is common: the idea of giving families peace of mind and helping them to feel safer. Helping parents to have more peace of mind and helping kids to have more autonomy.

Happy to be part of this adventure and happy to belong to this family!

Now you know a little bit more about the team behind your mobile app for family safety. You want to know more? Find more about us here!

Be safe,


Summer Safety List!

Hello families,

Summer is here! We want you to have fun with your family and we want you and your family to be safe. This is why at dondeEsta™ we created the Summer Safety List! A quick and just to remember list of things to check before your summer holidays!

dondeEsta Summer Safety List Top10

Be safe and have so much fun with the family!


Your Kid Doesn’t Have A Smartphone Yet?

Hello families,

It has been a while since last time we wrote the last post, but we come back with good news!

At dondeEsta™ we have fresh news to share with all families with kids that don’t have a smartphone yet!

We listen to you, to all families that use dondeEsta™ Family daily. Some of you have kids with smartphone and kids too young for a cellphone. How could you be connected using the same app?

At dondeEsta™ we have connected a device to the app, so you can locate your kids that don’t have a smartphone yet. We named it: dondeEsta Elementary School. The device easily integrates to your dondeEsta™ Family app. It is small, lightweight and fits in your kids’ pocket and backpack! It has a panic button for your kid, so you’ll get an automatic-real time notification to your phone when he press it!

dondeEsta Elementary School pre order dondeEsta device

We have been working on it and now you can already pre-order for a reduced price: only $69

You’ll be able to connect dondeEsta Elementary School device to the app at the begging of September for Back To School! We want to bring you peace of mind when your family is not around. Let’s have an amazing safety Back To School!

dondeEsta Elementary School Pre-order wearable

Before school starts, you have all summer holidays. Enjoy them with your loved ones!

Be safe!



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